Welcome to Carly's Pilates, with a wide range of classes including Swansea's first Men Only class. Carly is also available for 1-2-1 private sessions. Carly's Pilates strives to offer the best service possible. Carly's Pilates offers challenging Equipment Workshops. The increasingly popular fortnightly Stretch classes are open to everyone, class participation is not required. Please see the Equipment Workshop page for more information and dates.

Pilates will improve your posture, balance, flexibility and of course your core strength. It is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age and fitness.  

Are you looking to change your mind and body ? Carly's Pilates is the place for you!

                                                          Stand Tall, Feel Tall!

Carly Pilates Swansea

The benefits of Pilates are now well documented, with an increasing emphasis on the importance of core strength in the maintenance of good back health. As part of the Physiotherapy Wales team Carly's Pilates provides a safe environment and high quality instruction. Carly has practiced Pilates for many years and has been a busy working instructor for 5 years. This has allowed her to develop an in depth understanding of the Pilates technique, which she is highly successful in imparting to the clients of Carly's Pilates. As a client of Carly's Pilates, the principles of Pilates will guide you to a healthier mind and body.

Carly's Pilates is committed to Continuous Professional Development and is pleased to announce that she has successfully obtained the Level 3 GP Exercise Referral Qualification. Conferences are also regularly attended including London based Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute,         J Pilates and the recent Pilates Gathering in Edinburgh.

Contact Carly on 07770 820783

Email: carlyelizabethjames@hotmail.com


New 1-2-1 Client Testimonial : I live with chronic pain from wear and tear and arthritis as a result of participating in extreme sports in my earlier years. I tried all of the usual treatments but nothing helped. A friend suggested I tried Pilates so I started weekly personal sessions with Carly. I also attend the workshops and stretch classes, they have been amazing for me. Whilst I will never repair the damage done, after 3 months my balance flexibility and mobility has improved enormously. By strengthening the muscles around my knee, back and shoulders, the pain levels have reduced to such an extent I may not need a planned operation. I've even lost weight! I'd strongly recommend Carly's Pilates she is the best!

Jane Wood, Communication Industry Consultant

New Stretch Class Client Testimonial : " I can highly recommend Carly's Stretch Class. It combines various techniques and is highly effective for anyone, who like,  has neck and back problems. I certainly feel the benefits of the class and I find Carly to be both approachable and professional. 

Joanna Evans , Retired

Client Testimonial: " I would highly recommend 'Carly's Pilates'. I come away feeling energised and de-stressed! Carly's classes are tailored for all levels. Pilates has been a great way to improve my flexibility, posture, core strength and to improve muscle tone. With the added bonus of relieving my work related aches and pains. Carly's classes never feel like a chore. Thank you Carly for helping me achieve my post pregnancy goal of getting my body back into shape!

Bronwen Morgan, Dental Practitioner 

Client Testimonial : " Taking up Pilates has been a real eye-opener for me! I feel much better physically and my posture has improved dramatically. I have been playing golf for some time. Before I started Pilates, after playing a round of golf I inevitably had an aching back. Since starting Pilates these aches and pains have slowly disappeared. After taking up a second class I now no longer need to go to the gym. I am very thankful to Carly's Pilates for all of the help I have received. 

Barrie Hole, Retired

Client Testimonial I am a middle aged plus size woman who has a long history of crippling back problems. This has resulted in migraines, lack of sleep, loss of confidence, diminished balance and increasing lack of strength and flexibility. I also have fibromyalgia. However since taking up Pilates my wellbeing has escalated a great deal. Each time I attend I find my strenght and flexibility increases. My balance has improved as has my sleep pattern. When my back is playing up I go through the stretch routine learnt in class and it appears to to be the panacea. Would I recommend Pilates, indeed I do!

Carole Lewis, Nurse

Client Testimonial : Two years ago I started to have  bad back which caused me to lose seven weeks away from work, being self-emplyed this came at a cost. I have tried may treatments which only seemed to work for a short while. It was recommended that I try Pilates to iomrpve my lower back and core strength. Since taking up Pilates my back has become much better and the pain has gone. Pilates has enabled me to strengthen my back and carry on working.

John Harris, Electrician

Client Testimonial : After 3 years of Carly's Pilates twice a week I am completely addicted! My flexibility has never been better. Its such a great way to relax, de-stress and keep fit. Mind body and soul! It also helps immensely with other sports. I am a nurse and Pilates means I no longer have back problems. Thank you Carly.

Zara Jenkins, Nurse